About Red Dogs & Company


About us:
Red Dogs & Company is a veteran owned small business from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Our Farm to Treat grain free dog treats are unique in that all of the vegetables that go into our treats are organically grown on our farm or by local farmers. All of the other ingredients are USDA certified organic. Our treats are crafted in small batches and we do not use chemicals, preservatives, or artificial dyes or coloring. We believe dogs deserve real, nutritious food!
We also feature dog collars and leashes hand crafted with American made materials. 
Meet the Red Dogs:
In 2011, we rescued Bear and Bandit from an overcrowded shelter. Shortly after they arrived home, they were diagnosed with the Canine Distemper Virus and found themselves fighting for their lives a second time. Canine Distemper does not have a cure and so our family embarked on a journey to give them the best chance possible through supportive care that included the healthiest food and treats possible. We were surprised to find a lack of grain free, organic, meat free treats on the market. We started making our own treats and in 2014, we started Red Dogs & Company. Miraculously, both Bear and Bandit survived Distemper with only minor effects and are both thriving today!
Since rescuing Bear and Bandit our family has committed to making a difference through fundraising, fostering, and adopting rescued animals. Bliss, Brady, and Eclipse have joined our pack and all enjoy their roles as taste testers!  Our farm is also home to two rescued horses, Star and Sailor, who are content living out their days supervising farm operations.